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  • 2019 Spring Registration Opening Soon - New Website Coming

    2019 Spring Registration Opening Soon - New Website Coming

  • 11u Tornadoes Finish 1st in Fall WSBL League

    11u Tornadoes Finish 1st in Fall WSBL League

  • Angels Had Successful First Season - Will Return in Spring 2019

    Angels Had Successful First Season - Will Return in Spring 2019

  • 8u Tourney Team Twisters Finish 3rd at Orland Tournament

    8u Tourney Team Twisters Finish 3rd at Orland Tournament

  • 9u Tornadoes Finish 2nd at New Lenox Game Day USA

    9u Tornadoes Finish 2nd at New Lenox Game Day USA

  • Homecoming Parade 2017 - Great Turnout!!

    Homecoming Parade 2017 - Great Turnout!!

The Plainfield Athletic Club (PAC) is committed to providing positive, challenging, safe, and age-appropriate competition. Our program will promote responsibility, respect, teamwork, leadership, dedication, hard-work, hustle and sportsmanship. Our emphasis is on learning fundamental baseball/softball skills needed to play at a higher level in a healthy, fun, and family-friendly environment.
  • Sep 22, 2108 9:00 AM

    Brewers VS. Yankees

    Four Seasons - #4

PAC      FAQ

When do the kids start practice?
Practices are up to the individual Managers. Some practice more than others. Typically all teams are selected at the end of February. Practices will start any time after that (weather dependent).

Where are practices held?
The practice locations are also up to the individual team manager.  Normally they will practice by their house, so to make sure you get a close practice location it would be best to manage a team if possible.

Can my child be placed on the same team with his/her best friend(s)?
The PAC does not assign players to teams. After registration is closed, the PAC organizes drafts for the various age divisions. Managers choose their players one at a time in a rotating order. The only player they are guaranteed to get on their team is their own son or daughter. The PAC policy is that siblings (but not cousins) be drafted on the same team. The only way to have control over who your son or daughter plays with is to step up and volunteer to manage a team.

If both my wife and I each perform one of the designated activities do we each get the $50 refund?
No. Each Family will only receive one family activity fee refund regardless of how many activities are performed.

Can we receive our family activity fee if our child performs one of the designated activities?
No. The family activity fee is designed to get the parents involved with the program in some way. Children will not be permitted to perform the activities to receive the family activity (Regardless of the child’s age). For certain activities your child may be permitted to attend while you are there. This is at the discretion of the person running the activity. No children will be permitted with the parent in the concession stand for any reason.

If I have one child on a full-time travel team, and the other will be playing in house. Will I be able to take the $25.00 family discount off for the in-house player?
No. The discount only applies to in-house players. Travel players fall under a separate registration.

Can my son or daughter play outside their designated age group?
For Baseball, all players will remain in their designated league. We do not move players up or down from their playing level. Coach Pitch & 8U have a designated age overlap, which allows 7 year old players to stay in the Coach Pitch league for additional development, if needed. Other softball players may petition the VP of Softball to move up (but not down) one division.

How do I register?

If you have a login already you will have to log into the website.  If not, you will have to register all members of the household including all children & adults.  This will allow for easier future registration or sign ups to volunteer.  Then just choose the ones you want to register to play by clicking on those names.

I am an assistant coach for one of the teams. Do I still have to volunteer at the concession stand to receive my $50 family activity fee refund?
Each Manager may designate up to two people to receive their activity fee refund as an assistant coach. If you are so designated, you do not need to perform any other activity to receive your refund.

What Division will my child play in?
For boys, playing age is determined by what age the player is on April 30th of the playing season. Boys Coach Pitch: ages 4 - 6 / Pinto/Maverick: ages 7 & 8 / Mustang: ages 9 & 10 / Bronco: ages 11 & 12 / Pony: ages 13 & 14 / Colt/Palomino: ages 15 thru 18. For girls, playing age is determined by what age the girl is on Jan. 1 of the playing season. Girls Coach Pitch: ages 4 - 6 / 8U Fast Pitch: ages 7 & 8 / 10U Fast Pitch: ages 9 & 10 / 12U Fast Pitch: ages 11 & 12 / 14U Fast Pitch: 13 & 14 / 18U: 15 thru 18 & this division normally plays an SWS schedule.

When are games?
Most divisions will get 16 spring season games scheduled plus playoffs or 12 fall season games. You can count on one game during the week and one on Saturday. Start times on weekdays will be after the normal work day ends. Start times on Saturday will vary. No games are scheduled for Easter, Memorial Day or Independence Day breaks.

Are games canceled by weather rescheduled?
We will make every effort to reschedule all games that are canceled or suspended due to weather. However, due to field space availability some games may need to be rescheduled for Sunday's. Games that are canceled near the end of the season may not be able to get rescheduled. In the fall season we are very limited to field space and daylight so some games may not be made up.

Items required by each player for softball and baseball

The only thing that is required is the following: Baseball: Batting Helmet, Glove, Athletic cup Softball: Batting Helmet, Glove Highly recommended: Both Sports: Bat sized properly for the player Cleats (Metal is allowed only at Pony and Colt and 14U and 18U) Batting Gloves Bat Bag Optional: Softball: Infield mask

We live in another town; can I register my child to play in the Plainfield league?
Yes you can. We have a change in our policy and agreement with the Plainfield Park District who govern the actual field use. Our membership has to stay above 80 % resident so at this time are accepting non-resident PPD residents into the PAC baseball and softball program.

What type of fundraiser does PAC done?
World’s Finest Chocolate will be used. Each family will give their manager $90 to turn into the PAC. The manager will give each family 90 $1 candy bars to sell to reimburse themselves. The fundraiser is by child playing not family. Do if there are 2 brothers in the league each are responsible for $90 each.  There is a $50 buy-out option ONLY available during registering the player at first.  Once registration is complete that option is no longer available, so be sure to mark candy buy out during the registration process.


What is the difference between Pinto & Maverick?
At the age of 7 & 8 there are some players that have been playing 2-4 years already & are ready to move up to the next level.  Then there are some players that have never played before or are just having a hard time understanding the game & being able to play at the next level.  Maverick is an “in between” division for this age group that is only available during the spring.  It breaks the season in half to allow the newer players more time to get close to the same knowledge of the game as some of the more experienced players.  Please contact the VP of baseball for more info.


Baseball                                                                                               Softball

BCP (4-6 y/o) - $170                                                                        GCP (4-6 y/o) - $170

Pinto/Maverick (7-8 y/o) - $170                                                 8U (7-8 y/o) - $170

Mustang (9-10 y/o) - $180                                                            10U (9-10 y/o) - $180

Bronco (11-12 y/o) - $190                                                             12U (11-12 y/o) - $190

Pony (13-14 y/o) - $230                                                                 14U (13-14 y/o) - $230

Colt/Palomino (15-19 y/o) - $240                                                         18U (15-18 y/o) - $240

Field Status

  • Four Seasons

    Updated: 05/14/18 4:20PM
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    • #4
    • #5 Mark Crabtree Field
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  • Oswego Boulder Hill Elementary

    Updated: 05/14/18 4:20PM
    • #1
    • #2
    • #3
    • Church Field
  • Troy

    Updated: 05/08/18 11:20AM
    • Troy
  • Oswego High School

    Updated: 06/12/18 9:55AM
    • Field 1
    • Field 2
  • St. Joe's

    Updated: 08/20/18 1:04PM
    • Pinto
    • Mustang
    • Bronco
    • Pony
  • East View Academy

    Updated: 09/04/18 8:46AM
    • North Field
    • South Field
  • Indian Trail Middle School

    Updated: 05/14/18 4:20PM
    • Indian Trail North
    • Indian Trail South
  • Ottawa St.

    Updated: 05/14/18 4:20PM
    • Ottawa St.
  • Bott Park (Renwick)

    Updated: 05/14/18 4:20PM
    • Renwick_1
    • Renwick_2
    • Renwick_3
    • Kledzik Field

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